Can the Ask an Expert feature be customized for our company?


Ask an Expert Feature

Our "Ask an Expert" feature allows your employees and managers to email questions about the training topics to our staff of attorneys and get their questions answered in two business days. When you purchase any of our standard training solutions, our “Ask an Expert” service is included at no additional charge.

When a learner is inside the course, the form below will be on the right hand side. 


Once the learner clicks "Send" the following screen will pop up. This is where the learner puts in their information, and one of our Experts will respond to them via email.


*Disclaimer:  Our experts provide general best practices. We cannot provide legal advice or advice regarding specific workplace or business situations. Our experts will answer most questions within two business days or sooner. Emtrain does not disclose the identities of questioners to employers but does provide a summary of top questions asked on particular topics. By submitting a question, you are agreeing to our website terms of service and privacy policy.

Customization Available

As a separate option, clients can also customize the Ask the Expert feature. Clients can:

  • Replace Emtrain experts with their own in-house experts. 
  • Route questions submitted by leaners to a designated client email address. 
  • Add a company logo or image of the in-house expert in the Ask the Expert box.
  • Customize the message and in-house expert contact information that appears to learners on the initial Ask The Expert screen.

Features that cannot be customized:

  • The “Questions and Answers” box cannot be customized or removed.
  • The subject of the email is NOT customizable.

Please note:  This "Ask an Expert" customization service is included with your licensing of a course and is limited to a single round of editing per training cycle. A training cycle is considered either one or two years and is defined by the length of your Licenses as detailed in your purchase documentation. This feature requires that you submit all customizations to Emtrain at one time -- no later than 90 days from the licensing start date. This complimentary customization of "Ask an Expert" page content is limited to the English language only.

If you are interested in customizing your Ask an Expert feature, please contact

Last updated 5/26/2017