Required Course Customization- Add Your Custom Pages


Emtrain’s Business Ethics courses contain a limited number of pages that you can customize with your own company specific content. Before you can launch a Business Ethics series course, you must submit your customizations. Emtrain’s Production department will create your custom pages based on your content and insert them into the course. To get started on your customizations, follow the steps below:


Step 1:  Preview the course to get an overview of the sections of the course that you may customize, as well as to familiarize yourself with the course. Please contact and request a link to a demo course. The demo courses show you which specific pages within the course are customizable.


Step 2: Download the customization document for your course and the accompanying instructions, and fill out the form. The instructions and forms are attached at the bottom of this page. For any page that includes an image, audio or video file, make sure to include the full file name in the appropriate space on the form. Please refer to our Course Customization Specifications for more information on accepted file formats, image sizes and audio/video encoding information.


Step 3: Submit your customizations to Make sure that the following files are attached to the email:

  • Your completed customization document
  • Any image, audio or video files that are to be included
  • A PDF copy of your relevant workplace policy.

Once your customizations are submitted, the support team will review your submissions to ensure that they will fit the page templates. Customizations will be completed within 20 business days of the final submission. When the customizations are in place and the course is ready to review, you will be notified and given a test link to view the customizations.


Note: This customization service is included free of charge in the Essentials and Complete Plans and is limited to a single round of editing per training cycle. A training cycle is considered either one or two years and is defined by the length of your Licenses as detailed in your purchase documentation. This feature requires you to submit  all customizations to Emtrain at one time -- no later than 90 days from the licensing start date. This complimentary customization is limited to the English language version of the course. Customization of non-English language versions of the course is available for purchase. Please ask your Emtrain Representative for a quote.

Customization Forms

Please download and review the following documents for instructions on customizing the Business Ethics Series courses.