How do I create a new in-person workshop?


The "In-Person Workshop" feature allows you create, schedule, track and record learner's attendance at an in-person seminar or workshop. Moreover, all of your training information will be stored and tracked within the LMS Dashboard. 

To Schedule a New In-Workshop:

  • Click on the In-Person Workshops link under the Enterprise Training column in the  LMS Dashboard Homepage.
  • Click the grey Create New Workshop button in the upper right.

Screen Shot 2012-04-10 at 3.21.36 PM.png

  • Complete the information about the new workshop (Title, Topic, Class Size, Duration, Instructor Materials, Learner Materials, Workshop Description).


  • Click the grey Save button on the bottom to save the information to save the Workshop Information.
  • On he top, click the grey Schedule Workshop button or the blue Done button to return to the Workshop Library.