Can I add contact information for a workshop location?


The LMS keeps a record of In-Person Workshop Location Contacts so that the same contact can be assigned to more then one location or workshop. Add to this list to create a library of Workshop Location Contacts.

To Add a New Workshop Location Contact:

  • Click on the In-Person Workshops link under the Enterprise Training column in the  LMS Dashboard Homepage.
  • Click the grey Workshop Resources button in the upper right corner (or the "Add New Location Contact" link from the Schedule Workshop page.

Screen Shot 2012-04-10 at 3.21.36 PM.png

  • Access the Add New Location Contact tool by clicking the grey Add Location Contact button at the top right.
  • Complete the Add New Location Contact form with Location Contact Name, Location Contact Email, Location Contact Phone, Location Contact Website, and Location Contact Notes. Additionally, choose if this Location Contact information should be visible or not to learners.


  • Click the grey Save button at the bottom, followed by the blue Done button at the top right. This will add the new Location Contact to the Location Contact List.