How do I create a new webinar?


Before scheduling webinars, you must first create one to set it up. Creating a new webinar is simple!

To Create a New Webinar:

  • Click on the grey Create New Webinar button on the top bar.


  • If you have both the WebEx and Citrix accounts set up in your LMS, you will have the option to select which you desire to use for webinar creation. Click the appropriate link.


  • Complete the details for the new webinar, including name, topic, description and duration. Click the grey Save button once finished.
  • Edit details and click save again, if necessary. Click the grey Schedule Webinar button to schedule new webinar or click the blue Done button to exit. 
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 10.22.54 AM.png
  • The newly created webinar will be available in the Webinar Library.