What is the WebEx Information for Emtrain LMS Integration?


For Integration between WebEx and Emtrain, some basic information is needed for set up. For assistance in obtaining your WebEx Site information, contact your WebEx Account Manager (CSM) and ask for the XML API ORDER FORM (example attached).

Needed WebEx Information:

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 9.42.15 AM.png

  1. WebEx Administrator First Name
  2. WebEx Administrator Last Name
  3. WebEx Site Name
  4. WebEx Site URL
  5. WebEx Site ID (SID)
  6. WebEx Partner ID (PID)
  7. WebEx Administrator Username*
  8. WebEx Administrator Password*
  9. WebEx Administrator Email Address


*Important note to administrators using SAML SSO Authentication: If you are using SAML SSO Authentication, your standard WebEx host account username and password will not work with the API. If you are using your host account to complete the integration, you will receive an "Invalid Password" error message on the Webinar Accounts>Manage WebEx Accounts page. You will need to use the SiteAdmin username and password to successfully complete the integration. If you do not have the SiteAdmin credentials, please contact the person responsible for your WebEx account.


NOTE: XML API version 5.x or newer is required. If your XML API version is below 5.x, it means you’re on an old WebEx release. Please request that your WebEx site be upgraded to T27 which would also force the XML API version to the latest 5.x release. You will need to work with your WebEx Account Manager (CSM) to schedule this upgrade.