How do I upload a SCORM Course to the LMS?


The Enterprise LMS Dashboard can launch, track and report on any SCORM eLearning course - either one you make internally or one you purchase from a third-party vendor. 

To Upload SCORM Course(s):

  • Click the grey Add SCORM Course button to access the Add New Course tool.

  • The Upload New Course tool gives you the ability to upload and test the file.

  • Click the Choose File button and identify the zip file previously loaded on your computer and click the Import button to upload it to the system. This will take a few minutes, depending on file size. The maximum size a SCORM file can be is 512 MB.
  • Enter the SCORM file details in the Edit Course Tool: Course Title, Course Report Title, Course Subject, Course Duration, Course Keywords, and Course Notes. Mark the course as in “Test Mode” initially to test that the course is playing and tracking properly. Once the course has been tested, select "Normal" for "Course is Flagged as being in Test Mode. Once marked as "Normal," make the course "Available" in Library, "Assignable" to learners, and "Reportable" as desired.

  • Click the grey Save button at the bottom, followed by the blue Done button at the top right. 


Course Details

The details on the Add Course form will appear in the following locations:

  • Course Title: Title as it appears in the Learner Portal
  • Course Report Title: Title as it appears in Reports
  • Course Subject: Sub-heading located underneath the Course Title
  • Course Description: Description of the course shown in the Learner Portal
  • Course Duration: Estimated time required to complete course in Minutes*
  • Course Keywords: Keywords used in Dashboard and Learner Portal searches
  • Flagged as Test Mode: Test mode adds a red Test Mode flag after the course title in the Dashboard
  • Available in Library: Available makes the course visible in the Learner Portal and reports pages; Unavailable will archive the course in the the Learner Portal and reports pages.
  • Assignable to Learners: Assignable allows the course to be assigned, Not Assignable does not allow the course to be assigned.
  • Course shows up in Reports: Reportable shows the course in reports, Not Reportable hides the course in reports.


Note: The maximum file size for a SCORM course is 512 MB.


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