How do I view the quiz scores from SCORM courses?


Training administrators can access a report of the quiz scores for individual SCORM courses on their dashboard.

To view SCORM Course Quiz Scores:

  • Click on the "SCORM Courses" link in the Enterprise Column on the LMS Dashboard Homepage.
  • Click on the grey "SCORM Quiz Reports" button on the top right.
  • From choose either "Reports by Question" or "Report by Learner"

Reports by Question

The information found on the "Reports by Question" details:

  • Question Text - actual question learners answered in the course
  • Percent Correct - displays both the percentage and the "x of y" that answered correctly
  • Question Detailsdisplays each answer for the selected question and the list of the learners who responded with that answer

Reports by Learner

The information found on "Reports by Learner" details:

  • View Stats - button for a direct link to the Learner Statistics and Quiz Statistics found at the bottom
  • Download - button to download report with login name, passing quiz score, last quiz score, number of attempts, date 
  • Learner Data - login name, passing quiz score, last quiz score, number of attempts, date
  • Learner Details - a report of quiz questions and answers, result and timestamp for selected course and learner
NOTE: The availability of quiz activity in the report is limited only by the course its self, where SCORM 2004 courses produce the most detailed records.