HR Sync Routine: Learner (Employee) Sync


The Learner Sync routine provides a means of routinely importing new learners and updating existing learners in Emtrain.


Before you begin using the Learner Sync routine a custom learner data field representing a unique key for the learner (e.g. Employee Id) must be defined and marked as the unique key field. To define this field sign into Emtrain as an administrator and click on “Custom Learner Data” under “Professional Tools” on the admin dashboard menu. On the “Custom Learner Data” screen add a new field representing the unique key for your learners. Be sure to designate this field as the unique key by selecting the “Unique Key” radio button for this field.


To import new learners and update existing learners in Emtrain simply upload a CSV file export from your HR system to the HR Sync FTP host. The Learner Sync routine runs at 11pm, 12 am, 1am, 2am, 3am PST every night.

The column format of the CSV file expected by Emtrain will vary based on the custom learner fields your Emtrain administrator has defined. Note that if you have a date field, the recommended format is YYYY-MM-DD.

To download a file format template sign into Emtrain as an administrator and click the “Developer API” link under “My Account” on the admin dashboard menu. On the “Developer API” screen you will see a link to download the “Learner Sync File Format Template” under the HR Sync FTP header.

There are no file naming requirements for the Learner Sync file – Emtrain will use the first, most-recent, file it finds in your company’s HR Sync FTP directory. After the Emtrain Learner Sync routine runs, the Learner Sync file will be moved into the “imported” directory under your company’s HR Sync FTP directory and re-named to indicate the date the file was imported (e.g. 1_1_2012.csv). 


 Last updated 12/29/2014