API Methods: Learner Sign In


The learner_sign_in method automatically signs a learner into their learner portal. Using this method a developer can add dynamically generated links within their company’s intranet portal which when clicked will take the currently signed-in intranet user directly into their Emtrain Learner Portal.

URL: https://lms.emtrain.com/lms/api/learner_sign_in.php

Supported Request Types: GET

Authentication Parameters: Required

Method Parameters: 

Parameter: learner_id
Required: Yes
Description: The unique id (often the employee id) of the learner to be signed into their learner portal. This id corresponds to your LMS account’s custom learner data field which has been designated as the unique learner id field. Note: The ”unique id” designation for custom learner data fields is not yet available.
Example: "674567"

Return Value: None

Example Call: https://lms.emtrain.com/lms/api/learner_sign_in.php?learner_id=674567&api_key=16e2d5e3- 7271-41f2-b90c-c11098f07515&auth_time=1324579885&auth_sig=re6Y%2B%2FTevucNkNycK5tb%2BWwHUm4%3D