Learner Portal Navigation


The Learner Portal is the gateway to your training. Your currently assigned training, course history and completion certificates are housed in your Portal. The following article is an overview of the standard configuration of the Learner Portal.

NOTE: Your Learner Portal may look different from the one shown below, as your administrator can re-name the various sections. If your learner portal looks different than shown below and you have questions about it, please contact your training administrator.

Learner Portal

When you sign into in your Learner Portal, you will land on the Current page. You can navigate to different sections of the Learner Portal by clicking on the tabs along the left hand side of the Portal. Your name will appear in the upper right corner of the Portal. Clicking on it will open a menu that contains links to request technical support or to sign out of your Portal.



Current Page

The Current page is where you will find training that has been assigned to you by your training administrator. 

  • If you have many courses assigned to you, you can use the Search tool to refine the selection.
  • To start a course, click on the blue Start Course button.
  • If you have already started a course, the button will switch to a green Finish Course button. Clicking the Finish Course button will open the course from the last page you visited.
  • If you have been enrolled in a workshop or webinar, clicking on the Add To Calendar button will give you the option to add the workshop to your desktop or Google calendars.



History Page

The History page is where you can find a list of your previously completed courses. Clicking on the Download Transcript button will open a page with your Company, Name, Date and a table of all your completed courses. If you wish to go back into your course to review a section, or to download some of the resource materials, click on the Review button. To print your Completion Certificate, click on the Certificate button. If the Certificate button is not available, then your administrator has turned off the certificate option.



Find Training

The Find Training page is where you will find any courses that are optional, or have been made available for you to take at your convenience. Clicking the Start Course button will open the course.



Request Training

The Request Training page allows you to ask your administrator for specific training. After filling out the form as possible, click Submit to send the request to your administrator. 




The Calendar page shows any upcoming scheduled events, such as workshops or webinars. You can click on a workshop or webinar title to bring up more information on that event or add it to your desktop or Google calendar.