Are the eLearning courses eligible for MCLE credit?


Emtrain is California MCLE Approved Provider #13153, authorized by MCLE to grant either 1-hour credit or 2-hour credit depending on the length of the course you’re taking. Preventing Harassment training courses are eligible for MCLE credit only in California and New York. 



We provide credit for all our courses. Other than the 2-Hour Preventing Harassment course, other qualifying activities are available for one hour of general credit. More information on qualifying activities can be found Here on the California State Bar website.

New York

Under New York’s Approved Jurisdiction policy, so long as certain requirements are satisfied, New York attorneys may count towards their New York CLE requirement credit earned through participation in out-of-state courses accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction. The policy applies to both traditional live classroom-format and nontraditional-format courses (online, DVD, teleconference, etc.). Non-traditional-format courses are out-of-state if the sponsor organization is headquartered outside of New York State.

An attorney claiming credit for an out-of-state course must retain the following documentation for a period of at least four (4) years:

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