When do I use the Ask an Expert feature in the course?


If you have any questions about the material presented in the course, the Ask Trainer feature allows you to submit those questions to the course authors or subject matter experts via email.

To submit a question using the Ask an Expert feature:

  • While logged into the course, type your question in the "Have a Question? Ask an Expert!" tab underneath the main course window, then click the Ask button.
  • Fill out the email form with your Name and Email. Emtrain may anonymously publish your question on the Question and Answers page with all identifying information and specifics removed. If you do not want your question to be published, uncheck the "Emtrain may publish..." checkbox.


  • Click the Send my Question button to send your question to an expert!


Please note that if you submit a tech support question through the Ask Trainer feature, the response may be delayed while the request is forwarded to the customer service department.