Customer Submitted Audio and Video Guidelines


If you are submitting audio or video for one or more courses, please use these guidelines for submission:

For ALL Video Submissions:

  • Please submit in .mp4 format
  • Size ratio: 764 x 430 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • 23.97 framerate
  • Minimum average audio rate of 96 kbps
  • A written transcript of the content in the video must be provided
  • Video can be no longer than 90 seconds

For ALL Audio Submissions:

  • 16 bit audio at a 44,100hz sample rate
  • Submit in .wav format
  • Peak level should be at -6 dB
  • Emtrain will encode to mp3 at 96 kbps for mono, 192 kbps for stereo.
  • No audio editing provided


For more information on costs of introductory videos in courses, please contact your Account Representative or