Script Mark-Up Information


Mark-Up Instructions

Please indicate edits by directing changing the text in the script document. The course scripts are designed to track changes so that your requested changes are clearly marked upon submission. You will see that the changed text is added in an alternate color and deletions are noted in comments on the right side. You may also add a comment or question by adding a comment from the "Review" menu in Microsoft Word. 

We do prefer that you submit the document with the text/edits as you wish to see it on-screen. If the edited headings and/or text do not fit on one page, we will split the text into multiple pages.  

Mark-up Glossary

Page Information: The box below indicates a "page break." Please note that exercises are considered as one "page" which contains a popup modal with all exercise material.

Chapter: 2

Page: 3237.1782.1.0.2

Template: content

Version: N/A

Image: COC_1782.png

Audio: Yes


[[Double Brackets]]: Any notes with double brackets around them indicate off-screen production notes. These may include information about quiz answers, video codes, or other details as necessary.

Master Course ID: You will see the Master Course ID# located in the first position of the page number. In the case of page # 3237.1782.1.0.2, the master course ID# is 3237. You may confirm that you are editing the script of the online course by comparing the page number in the script with the onscreen page number. 

Page Number: This page number associates the content with a particular page in our course authoring system. DO NOT edit or alter this number in any way. Please note, any requested edits will result in creating a new page with a new page number which contains those edits.

Template: Indicates the template used in the course authoring tool. 

Version: Indicates if that page is specific to a particular version of the course (M2HR, EE, etc.) and will read N/A if the page is included in all courses. Videos are typically coded with the corresponding number in our CenterStage Library should you choose to view them there.

Image: Notes the filename of the image used on the page. Please note, this is found in only some of the scripts.

Location: Notes the state-specific pages. Currently, this is only found in the PH14 script.

Audio: Notes if there is an voiceover audio file to be used on the page. Notes which indicate "partial" audio means that the instructions have voiceover but the exercise itself does not have audio (unless it is a video exercise). Video pages will note "Audio: no" because the audio comes from the video itself, not a separate audio file.