Troubleshooting SCORM courses hosted on the Emtrain LMS


What is SCORM?

SCORM, or Sharable Content Object Reference Model, is a set of software standards that when followed, allow Learning Management Systems and eLearning courses to communicate with each other. As a fully SCORM compliant LMS, the Emtrain LMS allows you the flexibility to upload courses purchased from a third party or to upload courses that you create using your own eLearning creation software.

To ensure that our courses meet SCORM standards for interoperability and reliability, Emtrain tests every one of our courses on Rustici Software’s SCORM Cloud Test Track. Likewise, it is important to verify that your custom course is SCORM compliant so that it will function smoothly on the Emtrain LMS. For more information on how to set up a free SCORM Cloud account and test your course on the Test Track, please refer to the following instructions:

  • Follow this link to the Test Track signup page.
  • Fill out the requested information, and select a Trial account. Trial SCORM Cloud accounts are free.
  • Once you have created your account and logged in, upload your course by clicking the Browse button in the blue box labeled Add Content. Select the SCORM file from your computer. It will need to be in .zip format.


  • When the course is uploaded, the SCORM Test Track Sandbox will open, allowing you to adjust the Course Properties if needed.
  • Click the Launch Course button to open the SCORM player and take the course.


  • When you have completed the course, view the results in the SCORM Test Track Sandbox. If your course is SCORM compliant, the completion status, score, time and success status will be recorded and the results displayed as seen in the screenshot below:



If the course IS SCORM compliant, AND it has issues running on the Emtrain LMS, what next?

If the course is found to be SCORM compliant after testing on the Test Track, Emtrain will try to adjust the Emtrain LMS settings so as to make the course perform correctly once the following items have been completed. Customers will need to submit a Help Center ticket to containing the following:

  • A description of the issue
  • The SCORM format (SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 3rd Edition)
  • The course properties entered into the Test Track
  • The results of the Test Track
  • A copy of the Debug logs
  • A copy of the course file

Emtrain will will work to make the the necessary adjustments to enable the course to operate properly in the Emtrain LMS within 15 (business?) days at no additional charge.


If the course is not SCORM compliant, what next?

If the course is not found to be SCORM compliant after testing on the Test Track, customers will need to work with the course vendor or creator to ensure that the course meets SCORM standards before Emtrain can undertake any troubleshooting steps.