Implementing Emtrain SCORM courses in your LMS platform


Do you want to use Emtrain courses to train your workforce but already are using a Learning Managment System to administer your training program? Emtrain offers all of our courses in SCORM format so that you assign and track Emtrain courses in your LMS platform. We export courses in the following SCORM formats:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 3rd
  • SCORM 2004 4th


Domain allowlisting and technical concerns

Emtrain's courses make use of an API to authenticate the course and serve some company specific assets. Cross-origin resource sharing requests must be allowed in order for the course to function properly.

API calls are encrypted and use the HTTPS protocol. Please note that in certain older web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8 and 9, your LMS platform must open the course in HTTPS, or the course will be unable to connect to the API. This is due to these browser's Same Origin policy, which will reject any cross domain Javascript requests that do not use the same protocol. Modern browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE 10 and 11) will allow pages served over HTTP to make requests to a more secure HTTPS domain.

The following domains must be allowlisted in your organization’s firewall in order for the course to function properly, the course will not launch if these domains are blocked:


A list of supported browsers and technical requirements can be found here.

Testing Emtrain courses in your LMS

Emtrain provides test course packages that contain all the functionality and features of the course in a small package. Completing the test course allows you to identify any potential issues before your training launch. Emtrain will assist you in resolving issues that present themselves during the testing process. Test files are available for download at the bottom of this page.

The steps for testing are as follows:

  • Download the appropriate test course package from the list at the bottom of this page.
  • Add the test course package to your LMS following your standard course upload procedures and assign the course to your testers.
  • Launch the course and complete the testing according to the test worksheet on the second page of the test course. The link to the test worksheet doubles as a test of the workplace policy link.
  • Upon the completion of your testing, return any completed testing worksheets to so that any issues can be addressed.

Necessary materials

The following materials and information must be supplied to Emtrain in order to produce your SCORM course packages:

  • SCORM file format: Specify the required SCORM file format.
  • LMS info: Provide your LMS platform and version, if applicable. If your LMS requires any non-standard configuration of the SCORM packages, please provide detailed information or documentation from your LMS vendor.
  • Browser and Browser Version: If your organization uses a standard browser, please let us know the browser and browser version you use.
  • Testing worksheets: Please return any completed test worksheets from your testing to If Emtrain can resolve issues via the SCORM package, we will configure the package accordingly.
  • Logo: Your logo is displayed in the course. Submit a copy of your logo in PNG format. Logos should be 250 x 50 pixels maximum, or 50 x 50 pixels for square logos.
  • Policy: Most Emtrain courses include your workplace policy. Please provide the relevant policy, either as a PDF file, or as a link to the policy hosted on your organizations website or intranet. If you are using a link to a hosted policy, please provide the exact URL to the policy resource.

Test course packages

Test files are available for download below. Please download the appropriate SCORM format for your LMS. When finished with your testing, return any completed test worksheets to

Standard SCORM test packages:

LMS specific - Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo requires an alternate timer implementation, which is included in the packages below. If you are not using Taleo, but testing one of the above packages reveals an issue where the timer consistently resets or the timer is not accumulating time spent correctly, test one of the packages below:

Test packages are current as of 6/7/2018. If you are unsure which SCORM format your LMS requires please refer to your LMS' documentation, or contact your LMS vendor for assistance.


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    Jessica Johnson

    Hi There:

    I am looking for additional instruction on which type of test file to upload to my LMS. We are currently in implementation and this would be our first test file to ever be loaded. Thank you in advance.


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    Jessica, I have sent you the test file information again via your Help Center ticket. If you have specific "how-to" questions about uploading in your LMS, please contact your LMS provider for more information. Thanks!