Assignment FAQs


Here are the answers to some common questions that administrators have about assigning courses:


Q: I am using the Assign Training tool to assign courses, and some of my learners are not showing up in the assignment preview list. How can I assign courses to them?

A: There are 2 common reasons for this to happen:

  • The LMS will look to see if a learner's Supervisor level matches the level of the course you are trying to assign. Learners who have a different Supervisor level will be excluded from the assignment list. For example, If you are assigning Preventing Harassment for Managers, only supervisors would be selected for the assignment list, and any non-supervisors would be excluded. Look up the missing learner's profiles and change their Supervisor level to the appropriate one.
  • The learner has been made inactive at some point prior to your assignment. Inactive learners do not show up in the assignment list. To find an inactive learner, go the By Learner link in the Reports section of the dashboard and change the Learner Status menu to Inactive. You can then reactivate the learner's profile.


Q: My dashboard says I have seats available, but the Assign Training tool tells me that I need to purchase more licenses. Why isn't the system using my currently available seats?

A: You either have library licenses which have not been assigned to a learner, or the seats you have available are not the correct level for the course you are trying to assign.

  • If your you are using library licenses to assign courses, there is an extra step you must take. First you must assign the library license to any learner that you wish to assign a course to in the Course Library Licenses section of the dashboard. Then you can assign the learners as you normally would using the Assign Training tool or the individual assignment process.
  • Your available licenses may be the the incorrect type for the course you are trying to assign. For example, the Code of Conduct course is a Level 60 course, so if you only have Level 30 or Level 120 licenses available, you will be unable to assign the course until you purchase Level 60 seats.


Q: I have already assigned a learner a course, how can I assign them the same course a second time?

A: In order to prevent accidental duplicate assignments, the LMS will not allow you to assign the same course twice, unless you first archive the old assignments. You can archive courses individually on the learners eLearning Assignments page, or by course in the Group Edit Tools.


Q: Can I transfer a course that has been assigned to one learner to another?

A: As long as the learner has not yet accessed the course, and the seat used to assign the course is not due to expire, you can un-assign the course from the learner and re-use the seat to assign it to a different learner.

  • To unassign the course, open the learner's eLearning Assignments page, the current assignments will be listed at the top. Click on Unassign to remove the course.
  • If the seat has not expired while it was assigned, the seat will return to your pool of available licenses. You can then use it to make another assignment.