How can I view a individual learner's assignments?


You can view all of the courses that a learner has been assigned in the eLearning, Workshops, Webinars and Files pages. These pages can be accessed from the By Course or By Learner reports, or from the learner's profile.


Opening the Learner's Assignment pages

  1. Click on the learner's Last Name, which will open a menu.
  2. Select the training type from the menu (e.g., eLearning, Workshops, Webinars, Files)
  3. You can use the tabs at the top to of the assignment pages to switch between assignment types

By default, the filters will be set so you will see all current courses that have been assigned, or self enrolled by the learner.


To change which courses are visible, change the filters to your desired settings, then click the Apply button to apply the changes:


Assigning Training from a Learner's Profile

You can assign and notify a learner directly via their profile. To assign a course and send a notification email, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Assign Training button at the top of the profile page to access the Assign Training interface.
  2. Select the course or courses you wish to assign. Use the search bar to find specific course titles, or topics. You can select the type of training (courses, workshops, webinars or files). To select a course, click on the title to add it. You can select more than one course.
  3. Once you have all the courses you wish to assign selected, click the Apply button.
  4. A box containing the selected courses will show up below the Select Courses interface. Click Assign to assign the course to the learner, or Make Available to allow the learner to self-enroll in the course.
  5. Click the Done button at the top of the page to return to the learner's profile.

For each course assigned, a notification email will be sent to the learner, using the Assigned email template in the Automatic Email Updates section of the dashboard.


Archiving an Assignment

You can archive a learner's old assignments. An archived course can no longer be accessed by the learner, and will not show up in reports unless you specify that it include archived courses. To archive a course:

  1. For the course you wish to archive, click on Archive under the Action heading.
  2. The Archive option will be replaced with a checkmark and the course will be removed from the list of current courses.


Un-assigning a Course That Has Not Been Started

If a learner has not started a course, you can remove it from their list of assignments. As long as the seat used to assign the course has not expired while it was assigned, it will be returned to your pool of licenses and can be reused. To un-assign a course:

  1. For the course you wish to archive, click on Un-Assign under the Action heading
  2. The Un-Assign option will be replaced with a checkmark and the course will be removed from the learner's assigned courses. If the seat has not expired while the course was assigned, you can re-use it.