Learner Portal FAQs


The Emtrain Learner Portal is designed to be easy to use, but here are some common issues learners run into:


Q: I cannot log into my Learner Portal, I keep getting a "The Login or Password was Incorrect" message.

A: Passwords are case-sensitive. If your password is Example123, then example123 or EXAMPLE123 would both be invalid. Make sure that your Caps Lock key is turned off, and you are capitalizing the correct characters.


Q: How do I print my completion certificate?

A: Your completion certificates can be found in the History section of the Portal by default.  To access the certificates, Log into your Learner Portal, Click on the History tab, and then click on the Certificate button for the course.


Q: I logged in, but all I see is a "Sorry, no training found" message.

A: If you see this message, it is because you do not currently have any incomplete courses. The reasons for this can be:

  • Your administrator has not assigned you a course.
  • Your administrator may have removed your course.
  • Your administrator may have archived your course.
  • You already completed your course previously.

If you see the "Sorry, no training found" message, but you are certain you should have been assigned a course, please contact your training administrator or Emtrain customer support.