Registration FAQs


Q: I want to upload my learner data using the Upload/Edit Learners tool. What order do the columns in my learner spreadsheet upload need to be in?

A: Every account have a different column order depending on what custom learner data fields you have set up. The column headings and the order they need to be in is listed if you select "Download and Sync" for the sync method in the upload/edit learner tool. You can also download a spreadsheet containing all the learners currently uploaded to your dashboard by clicking the green "Download Spreadsheet" button.


Q: How do I delete a learner from my dashboard?

A: You can delete a learner who has not yet been assigned a course from the By Learner link in the Reports section of the dashboard. NOTE: This action cannot be undone!

  • Locate the learner or learners you wish to delete in the list
  • Check the checkbox in the Active column for each learner you wish to delete. Learners that can be deleted will have (DELETE) listed next to the checkbox
  • Scroll back to the top, click the Go button from the Active dialog box and accept the warnings.