New & Improved LMS Features


In addition to a great new interface, a number of new and improved features are coming to your Emtrain dashboard. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with all these great new features. Click on the feature to get even more detailed information and screenshots. You can start using these updated features on 10/11/2014.

Add New Learner

  • Replaces the Register Single Learner tool
  • Improved interface and layout
  • Ability to add learners to the LMS as an Inactive learner

Custom Learner Data fields

  • Updated and improved user interface
  • 10 additional custom text fields, for a total of 18 custom text fields for learner data
  • 4 additional custom date fields, for a total of 8 custom date fields for learner data

Reports by Course and Reports by Learner

  • Updated and improved user interface
  • Improved filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Ability to filter by learner group
  • Ability to view or hide columns

Learner Profile and Assignments Pages

  • New, easier to use individual course assignments
  • Improved design and layout
  • Ability to sort assignments
  • Ability to search assignable courses