Get to Know Our New Plans


Emtrain is proud to announce a simple new pricing structure. Instead of purchasing seats for individual courses, our entire Essentials library is now available to your workforce for a set affordable annual rate per learner. Best of all, if you’re a new customer with a team of 25 employees or less, you can sign up for a Starter Plan with 25 free licenses.


Can I get a free Starter Plan account?

All new customers with a business email address are eligible to create a new free Starter Plan account. The plan comes with 25 free available licenses for every company.


How long does it take to create my Starter Plan account?

Starter Plans are created within 1 business day after you sign up.


What if I have more than 25 employees?

The Starter Plan is free for up to 25 people for companies of any size. Feel free to import all of your employees, but only the first 25 will be active in your Starter Plan account. If you have more than 25 learners, all learners including the initial 25, can be trained for a fixed rate per user annually. Take a look at our Pricing Page for more details.


Can I also get 25 free licenses if I’m an existing customer?

This offer is for new accounts only. Existing customers are not eligible for the Starter plan.


What courses do I get in the Starter and Essentials plans?

Our entire course library is available in all of our plans. Your can assign all of the following courses to your learners:

  • Preventing Harassment (all versions)
  • Respect in the Canadian Workplace (Manager and Employee)
  • Respect in the International Workplace (Manager and Employee)
  • Affirmative Action 101
  • Creating a Level Playing Field
  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness (Manager and Employee)
  • EEO & Preventing Unlawful Discrimination (Manager and Employee)
  • Hiring Skills and Restrictions
  • Diversity & Fostering Inclusion
  • ADA & Disability Discrimination
  • Wage & Hour Laws & Independent Contractors
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Violence
  • Code of Conduct *
  • Global Anti-Bribery & Corruption *
  • Red Flags Training Program (FACTA)
  • Insider Trading
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Communication Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Delivering Outstanding Customer Service
  • Motivating Employees


* The Code of Conduct and Global Anti Bribery and Corruption courses require company-specific customized pages to be added prior to being assigned. These customizations are included free of charge for all Essentials Plan customers with 100 or more licenses. Customizations for organizations of less than 100 are available for a nominal fee.


What types of support will I get with the Starter plan?

You can get help through our easy-to-use Help Center.


I have an existing written agreement, can I still purchase licenses per the terms in my agreement?

Of course. Your existing agreement is still valid, and you can continue to purchase seats at the price listed on the agreement until the account renewal date.


Will the new pricing plan affect any licenses I currently have available on my dashboard?

No, you can continue to use any seats or libraries you have on your dashboard until they expire, as outlined in the terms of your written or online agreement.


I have a discount code, will it still be valid under the new pricing plan?

Please contact your account representative for more details regarding your discount codes.


How do I find my account renewal date?

If you have signed an agreement, your account renewal date is located on your signed agreement. If you are an online customer, that information will be posted to your dashboard shortly.


What happens if I don't renew my Emtrain Account?

Before your account expires, Emtrain will reach out to you to contact you about your renewal options. If you decide not to renew your account, all users on the account will be locked out once your account renewal date passes. After 30 days of the passing of the renewal date, the training records will be archived and your dashboard will be deleted along with any settings or configurations.


If I don't renew my account, will my training records still be accessible?

Your training records will be archived for 4 years after your renewal date passes. Please contact Customer Support at to request your archived training records.


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