Updating the Completion Status of a SCORM course


You can manually update the completion status of a SCORM course hosted on Emtrain's LMS. This can be useful if a learner is having technical issues preventing the course from being marked as complete. Note that this capability is only available for SCORM courses, administrators cannot update the completion status of Emtrain courses.


Updating a Learner's Completion Status

  1. Locate the learner in the By Learner link in the Reports section of the dashboard. Click on their last name and select the eLearning option from the pop-up menu.

  2. On the eLearning Assignments Page, locate the course in the listing and click the Edit option located in the Action column.

  3. The Edit button will open an interface that allows you to update the completion status, score, and start/finish dates.

  4. Once you have entered the course information, click the Save button to update the course record. Your updates will now show up in the eLearning page as well as the By Course records.