FAQs About Using Emtrain Courses on my LMS


About Emtrain SCORM Courses

What are the System Requirements?

What SCORM formats are available?

  • Emtrain courses are available in SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, and SCORM 2004 4th Edition formats

What LMS's have been tested with Emtrain courses?

  • You can view a list of LMS environments that Emtrain SCORM courses have been tested on Here.

How do I test a SCORM File to see if it will work with my LMS?

  • You can download a test SCORM file that contains all of the functionality in a full length course Here. If the test file works successfully, then our courses are compatible with our LMS. If you run into issues, Emtrain will work with you to ensure that our courses will work properly in your LMS.

Are SCORM files automatically updated?

  • SCORM files are not automatically updated when Emtrain courses are revised or updated. If you wish to obtain an updated SCORM course, please contact your account representative.

Course Set-Up

Can I include our Company Logo?

  • Yes! your company logo will be included in the course.

Can I include our Workplace Policy?

  • Yes! we can add a .pdf copy of your workplace policy, or a url that directs your learners to an externally hosted policy document.

Are there Language Options for the courses?

  • If the course is offered in multiple languages, the translations will be included at no extra charge. If you need a course in a language that we do not currently offer, Emtrain can translate the course for you as an additional quotable project. Contact your account representative for more information.

Can I customize the information within the course?

  • Yes! If you desire to customize the course, Emtrain's production department will work with you 


Note: This article provides information for using Emtrain courses as 3rd party courses on your LMS. If you are looking for information for using 3rd party SCORM courses on the emtrain LMS, please see the 3rd Party SCORM Courses FAQs Forum.