Release Notes: Preventing Workplace Harassment


We're excited to introduce a great new update to your anti-harassment course, Preventing Workplace Harassment (7th Edition). This course was created in collaboration with former California State official and DLA Piper partner Phyllis Cheng. She's the person responsible for enforcing California's AB 1825 harassment training mandate.

This course is full of video-episodes that are based on real-life harassment cases. You'll learn how to identify and avoid scenarios that could lead to costly harassment claims. Here's a list of features:

  • Fully compliant with California AB 1825 (2 Hour version)
  • Fully compliant with California AB 2053 Anti-Bullying and Abusive Conduct mandates
  • Each fun episode is based on real-life harassment cases
  • Brand new video scenes full of characters you'll connect to and learn from
  • Brand new interactive quizzes
  • Customizable introduction and policy pages
  • Ability for learners to submit anonymous questions to Emtrain's team of experts
  • Available in 2 hour Manager, 1 hour Manager and Employee versions

Note: This new course replaces the Preventing Harassment 14.6 course.

You can easily find and assign this course from your Course Library and Assignment lists. Look for the following editions:  

  • Preventing Workplace Harassment for Employees (30 minutes)
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment for Managers (1 hour)
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment for Mandated Managers (2 hour)

The Preventing Harassment 14.6 course is still available for assignment on your dashboard in case you prefer using the old course.

Have more questions about the course? View the course FAQ page by clicking Here.