Preventing Workplace Harassment 7th Edtion FAQ's for Administrators


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Question: How do I find the course to assign on to my learners?

Answer: You can easily find and assign this course from your Course Library, Assign Training tool, individual assignment and Course Track course lists. Look for the following editions:  

  • Preventing Workplace Harassment for Employees 7 (30 minutes)
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment for Managers 7 (1 hour)
  • Preventing Workplace Harassment for Mandated Managers 7 (2 hour)


Question: Can I assign this course to someone who has taken the Preventing Harassment 14.6 course previously?

Answer: Yes, however you must archive the learner's current assignment of the Preventing Harassment 14.6 course before assigning the course.


Question: I have Course Tracks set up for assigning the older Preventing Harassment 14.6 courses. Will people that I just assigned the older Preventing Harassment 14.6 course to be re-assigned the new Preventing Workplace Harassment 7 course when I add it to the Course Track?

Answer: No, anyone who has a current, unarchived assignment of Preventing Harassment 14.6 will not be assigned the new course if you add the Preventing Workplace Harassment 7 course to the Track. If you wish to assign the new course to someone who took the Preventing Harassment 14.6 course, you will need to archive their previous course.


Question: What license types can I use to assign this course?

Answer: This course can be assigned using Emtrain Library Licenses. If you are using seats to assign courses, the 2 hour version are assigned with Level 120 licenses and the 1 hour Manager and 30 minute Employee versions are assigned with Level 60 seats.


Question: Can I still assign the previous Preventing Harassment 14.6 course?

Answer: Yes, the Preventing Harassment 14.6 course is still available on your dashboard for you to assign if you prefer it or have customized the older course.


Question: Does the new course meet California's AB1825 and AB2053 training mandates?

Answer: Yes, the 2 hour Manager's version of the course meets the requirements laid out in California's AB1825. The course covers AB2053's requirements on bullying and abusive behavior.


Question: What happens to learners who are currently assigned the Preventing Harassment 14.6 course? Will they be able to complete their course?

Answer: Any assignments you have already made will continue to be accessible to your learners, the new course will not affect their assignments.


Question: Can I include my organizations’ harassment policy in the course?

Answer: Yes, if you would like to include your harassment policy in the course, please email a .PDF or .DOC copy of your policy to and we will add it to the course for you.


Question: If one of my employees submits a question about alleged harassment or discrimination in the workplace using the Ask an Expert feature, will I be notified by Emtrain?

Answer: Emtrain does not disclose the identities of any learners who submit questions to our experts. We do not answer questions about specifics workplace situations, nor do we provide any advice to learners who submit questions about specific workplace situations.