I see an Emtrain placeholder policy when I click the Policy link.


There is a known issue that may cause you to see the a "Placeholder" policy or missing policy message if you exit a course on the policy page.

Since the course opens on the last page you viewed, it is possible to open the course to this page and click the link to your company workplace policy before it finishes loading. If you click the policy link before it finishes loading, the placeholder policy will open, as shown below:


If your course has a policy submitted, you can quickly resolve this issue:

  • Click the course's Back button to go back one page.

  • Click the Next button to return to the Policy page. The link will re-load, and your company policy will now open when you click the policy link.

If you still see the placeholder or missing policy page after following the above steps, your company has not submitted a workplace policy to Emtrain. Please notify your training administrator.