Course Updates: EEO, Fostering a Diverse Workplace, Digital Communication and Social Media, Workplace Safety, Workplace Violence


The following courses have been updated with a new look and feel: 

  • EEO and Preventing Unlawful Discrimination
  • Fostering a Diverse Workplace
  • Learning Moments: Digital Communication and Social Media
  • Workplace Safety
  • Workplace Violence

The updates in this release improve the course look and feel. Specific updates to the courses include the following items:

  • Improved course layout and design
  • Improved quiz exercise design
  • Updated images and graphics
  • High resolution videos
  • Ability to view learner questions that have been answered by Emtrain's experts added
  • Minor text corrections and updates

Note: This release will seamlessly replace the previous edition of the courses. Administrators do not need to re-assign any previously assigned courses or update any existing Course Tracks on account of this update.