Internet Explorer 8 Support Ending on 3/1/2016


As of 1/12/2016, Microsoft will cease supporting Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). After that date, Microsoft will only provide security updates and technical support for the most current version of Internet Explorer that is available for your operating system (Click here for more information from Microsoft). Accordingly, Emtrain will cease supporting Internet Explorer 8 as of 3/1/2016.

Why are we ending Internet Explorer 8 support?

Two carefully considered factors led to this decision:

  • Security: Your security is of paramount importance to us. Numerous vulnerabilities have been discovered in IE8. With Microsoft ending support for this browser version, new vulnerabilities that are discovered will go unpatched.
  • Web Standards: IE8 was released in 2009 and does not support the standards that modern websites and web apps are built on. The best experience can be found on modern, HTML5 compliant browsers.

I use Internet Explorer 8, how does this affect me?

  • Any new features or upgrades to Emtrain's courses or LMS released after 3/1/2016 may not be compatible with IE 8.
  • Emtrain will not release any updates to resolve IE 8 specific issues in the courses or the LMS.
  • Emtrain will not investigate or fix any bugs, errors or issues that are specific to IE 8.

What can I do to prepare for this if I still use IE8?

  • Upgrade your version of IE 8 to the most current version that is supported by Microsoft for your operating system.
  • If you must use IE8 for specific applications, install an alternate web browser on your computer, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Click here to see the system requirements).
  • Refer to Microsoft's Internet Explorer Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ for more information on migrating to a newer version of Internet Explorer.