Reports- By Course Track


If you have set up Course Tracks, you can check on your learners' progress  in the Reports by Course Track page.

  • Click the By Course Track link in the Reports section of your dashboard to open the reporting page.

    You can also access the reports from the main Course Track page by clicking the Report link in the upper left side of the page.


  • The Course Tracks are listed in the list. If you have more than 3 Course Tracks on your dashboard, you will have to use the Find bar to search the Course Tracks or scroll down through the list. Click on your Course Track to open the report editor.
    You can configure your report using the screen above. If your course track has multiple courses, you can select the training you wish to view on the report by clicking the Show option next to the Training Object section. All training objects in the course track are selected by default, but you can de-select specific ones here. 

    There are 5 views, of which you can select one per report. You can also search for a specific learner in the report using the search bar. A description of what is selected by each view is listed below
    • All: Shows all training objects, complete, incomplete or not assigned
    • Not Assigned: Show only learners who have a course that has not been assigned, generally learners with Not Assigned status for a course were either added earlier that day and haven't been assigned by the Course Track routine yet, or there were insufficient licenses available to make all the assignments.
    • Incomplete: Shows only incomplete courses
    • Completed: Shows only completed courses
    • All Required Training Completed: This status shows learners who have completed all the required courses in the Course Track. The date the learner completed the Course Track is listed on this view


  • Once you have configured your report, click the Apply button to generate the report. It will appear below the report editor. The report will list the learners Name, Supervisor Status, Email Address, Training Object status, and if completed, the completion date.