Can I provide my own translation of an Emtrain course?


Do you want to use an Emtrain course, but it just isn't available in the language your employees need?

Emtrain can provide translations of any course in our catalog in just about any language you can think of. To date, Emtrain has completed course translations in Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Thai, and others.

A list of courses that are available in multiple languages can be found Here.
Requesting a Course Translation from Emtrain

Because Emtrain’s course translations include changing the course’s text pages as well as video captions, video off pages, and Global User Interface (GUI) text, we insist on managing the translation itself as well as its implementation and delivery. This allows us to ensure both a high quality translation as well as a timely delivery of the freshly translated course.
Customers can request any translation for any course by contacting a account representative. The cost of the translation will depend on both the language as well as the length of the course.  At this time, we cannot incorporate customer-provided translations of courses.

Translating Your Own Provided Content

Many of our customers choose to tailor or customize our courses to include company-specific information, including policies. In those cases, we recommend that you provide translated content in the languages in which the course is if offered. Emtrain will include these screens and policies, which will be viewable by learners taking the courses. For more information on which languages are available for the course you are tailoring or customizing, and how to provide translations for those languages, contact your account representative or project manager.