Course track results emails


For each active Course Track, a results email containing details of the Course Track's assignments and status will be sent to the administrator if certain actions or events take place

Course Track Results Messages

Depending on the results of the Course Track, the results email may contain multiple messages. If all learners are up to date after the course track runs, you will not receive an email. The various results messages you might see are listed below:

Learners added/courses assigned:

If new learners were added to the course track, or assignments were made, the results email will contain one or both the following messages:

The amount of learners added and assignments made are listed in the email. No action is required if you receive this email.


Insufficient Licenses:

If there are not enough licenses available to make all assignments when the Course Track runs and some or all of the assignments could not be made, the results email will contain the following message:

If you receive this email, then you will need to purchase additional licenses to make all of your assignments. The type and quantity of licenses required is listed on the email.

You can purchase the needed quantity of licenses using the online store by clicking the Store link at the top of your dashboard, or contact your account representative.


Policy not uploaded for course:

If a course on your Course Track has a slot for a workplace policy document, but no document has been uploaded, you will see the following message on the results email:

 You can add or update a course's policy in the My Course Policies section of your dashboard.


How to turn off or change the recipient of the results emails

If you no longer wish to receive these emails, or wish to add or change recipients for the results emails, you can edit the recipients list in the Course Track editor for each individual course track.

  1. Log into your LMS dashboard and click the Course Tracks link
  2. Click the Details/Edit button for the course you no longer wish to receive status emails for
  3. In the Daily Assignment Routine Email text box, delete your email address and/or enter the new recipient
  4. Click the Save Info button, then click the Done button.