Reporting your SCORM course usage


If you are using an Emtrain course hosted on a Learning Management System other than the Emtrain LMS, you must furnish a report detailing your usage of any and all Emtrain courses assigned during the period specified in your contract terms and an affidavit confirming the accuracy of the report. For more details about when to submit usage reports, please refer to your contract, or contact your account representative.


What you need to include on the report:

Your usage report must include all users assigned an Emtrain-provided SCORM on any and all LMS platforms used by your organization. If your LMS distinguishes between Active (current employees) and Inactive (retired, terminated, etc) users, you must include both active and inactive users on your report. Users must have a unique ID included on the report that allows us to differentiate them from other users. The report must include the fields listed in the Format section below.


Unique user ID

In order to allow us to accurately calculate usage, each employee on the report must have a unique identifier that is not shared with other employees and does not change between reporting periods. Common unique ID's include Employee ID Numbers, LMS User IDs, or LMS Usernames. Email addresses are not acceptable as a unique identifier, as they can change, and some users may not have an email address.



Please use the Report tab of the attached SCORM reporting spreadsheet to submit your report. If you are unable to change the format of reports exported from your LMS, you can copy and paste the data into the relevant columns. Each course assignment must be on a separate row and include the following information for each row. If a user has been assigned more than one course, include each assignment on a separate row. Note that your LMS may use different terms for some of these items:

  • Unique user ID
  • LMS User Status (Active or Termed, if applicable in your LMS)
  • Emtrain Course Title
  • Assignment Date (Date user was assigned course)
  • Start Date (Date user started course)
  • Progress Status (Complete, Incomplete, Not Started, etc)
  • Finish Date (Date user finished course) 

How to submit your report and affidavit:

Please download the SCORM usage report template Here, and the SCORM usage affidavit Here. Fill out the cover sheet tab of the usage report template, and enter your usage data on the Report tab of the template. When your report is complete, please send it to your account representative along with a scanned copy of the signed affidavit.