Assign Policies tool


The Assign Policy tool allows you to insert your policy in a short, easy to digest 4 page course, allowing you to assign your workplace policies to your learners, and confirm that they have acknowledged the policy.

To use this tool, you must first purchase Policy licenses. Contact your account representative for more information.

Configuring the Policy Courses

Before you can start using the Assign Policies tool to distribute your workplace policies, the policy courses must first be set up. NOTE: This article assumes you have already configured the Ask an Expert feature within the course with the assistance of Emtrain's support department. If you have not yet done this, contact or use the Contact Support button at the top and bottom of this page.

To configure your policy course or courses:

  • Click the Assign Policies link in the Register and Assign section of your dashboard.
  • Choose a course and click the Edit button to get started.
  • Enter a title for the course, then click the Save button. This title will appear in the various assignment and reporting sections of the LMS, as well as in the Learner Portal when the course is assigned to your learners. The title can be edited later if needed.
  • Upload a PDF or Word (.docx) copy of the policy by clicking the Browse button, selecting the file on your computer and clicking the Upload button.

    You will see a success message when your policy has been uploaded:
  • Alternatively, if you have the policy hosted on a website, select the Enter Policy URL option, enter the full URL and click the Save button.

If you are configuring more than one policy course, repeat the steps above until you have all your courses configured. With your courses are set up, you are now ready to start assigning them to your learners!

Policy courses can either be assigned using the Assign Policies tool, as shown below, or they can be assigned with a Course Track.

Assigning the Policy Courses with the Assign Policies tool

Once a course has been set up, you will see a checkbox next to the course. This indicates you can assign it. To assign the course:

  • Check the box next to the course listing. If you have more than one policy course set up, you can select multiple courses at once.
  • After making your selections, click the Next button that appears at the bottom of the Select to Distribute tab.
  • Once you have the correct learners selected in the Assignment Preview, click the green Assign X Training Objects button at the top of the Assignment Preview section.
  • Confirm the assignment by clicking the Assign X Training Objects button. If you wish to go back to the Assignment Preview section to change your selection, click the Cancel button.
  • You will see a Success message informing you how many courses were assigned. On the success page, click the Send Emails button to send the Assigned email template in the Automatic Email Updates template. You can click the "View/edit your automatic emails" link to edit the email template, or add an additional message to the existing email template. You can send yourself a preview email by entering your email address and clicking the Email Previews To button.
  • Once you've sent the announcement emails and see the Emails Sent! message, click the Exit button to return to your dashboard.