3 Minute Video Lessons


The 3 Minute video lesson feature allows you to send your learners short, easy to digest workplace scenes accompanied with a brief question and answer section. This article covers how to initially set up your account and add your learners, browsing the video library, creating and sending a lesson, and viewing your learner's progress and answers.


Licenses and Initial Setup

To access to the 3 Minute Video Lesson feature, you must first assign yourself the 3MVL Author library license. If you have not yet purchased any 3 Minute Video Lesson licenses, please contact your account representative for more details.

  1. In the My Account section of your admin dashboard, click the Course Library Licenses link.

  2. Click the Add Learner button for a current 3MVL Author license. 3mvl_27.png

  3. Locate your name, or the name of any administrators you wish to be able to create and send video lessons, and check the box next to their name.

    Once you have made all your selections, click the Add Learners button at the top of the page.

  4. Click the Done button. 



The 3MVL Library license is used to license the recipients of your lessons, and are automatically assigned when you send a learner their first video lesson. You do not need to manually assign the 3MVL Library licenses as shown above. 


Browsing the Video Library

Once you have assigned yourself the 3MVL Author license, you can start browsing the video library to find a lesson to send to your learners. 

  1. Click the 3-Minute Video Lesson link on the home page of your dashboard to start browsing and creating lessons.


  2. On the 3 Minute Video Lesson page, click the Get Started button to navigate to the video library.

  3. Browse the videos, click on a topic, or use the search bar to find videos relating to a specific topic. Once you find a video that interests you click on the video to preview it.

  4. Look through the description of the video scene and watch the video.


Creating a lesson

Once you have found a video you wish to use in an email lesson, click the green Yes, Create Lesson button to get started.

On the Compose Lesson page, there are 5 steps to creating and sending a video lesson:



  1. Select a due date for the lesson.

    If you would like to schedule an optional reminder for your learners, enter the number of days before the due date that you would like the reminder to be sent out on that day.

  2. Review and edit the lesson template. You can edit any of the fields that appear on the lesson page when your learners take the lesson. On the Edit Lesson to Learners tab on the right side of the page, review the various fields. If you'd like to edit any of the default lesson text, or create your own lesson, enter any of your changes.

    Optionally, you can add a multiple choice question to your lesson. At the bottom of the form, click the + symbol next to Add a Multiple Choice Question.

    Enter your question into the Question field, and up to 4 answers in the Answers fields. Designate the correct answer by checking the box next to the answer.

    Click the Preview Lesson button to review the lesson page.

  3. Edit the email text. You can edit any of the fields that appear on the email that is sent to your learners when they are assigned the lesson.

    Click the Preview Email button to review your email.

  4. Select the recipients for the lesson. Click the + symbol next to Select Recipients to open the selection window. You can either select individual learners on the By Email tab, or you can select a Learner Group created in your LMS dashboard in the By Group tab.3mvl_09.png

    Click the Continue button when you have made your selections.

  5. Click the Send Lessons button.

    When prompted, confirm that you have reviewed your lesson and the recipient list, and are ready to send out the lessons and click the Send button.

Once your lessons have been sent, you will be presented with the Congratulations screen. From this screen, you can return to browsing videos or view the reports/lesson history for lessons you have sent out to your employees.



Viewing Reports

Once you have started sending lessons to your learners, you will want to follow their progress. You can view the status of the email lessons you have sent in the past from the Reports section of 3 Minute Video Lesson.

  1. Click the Reports link in the top menu.

  2. In the Reports section, the Lesson History shows an overview of all the lessons you have previously sent. To view a detailed report of a particular report, click the Page icon to the right of the Due Date column. 

  3. Within the report, you are shown some basic information about the lesson at the top of the report, and more detailed information about each learner's lesson status. For each learner assigned the lesson, you are shown whether they have opened the lesson email, watched the video, lesson completion status, the time it took the learner to complete the lesson from the time it was sent, the answer to the lesson question, and multiple choice answers if a multiple choice question was included.


    Note: If you are seeing learners on the report that are shown as having watched the videos, taken any quizzes, and completed the lesson but are not recorded as having opened the email, note that certain privacy settings in email clients can prevent the email from being recorded as opened. 

  4. To download a copy of the report for your records, click the Download CSV option.