3 Minute Video Lessons


The 3 Minute video lesson feature allows you to send your learners short, easy to digest workplace scenes accompanied with a brief question and answer section. This article covers how to initially set up your account and add your learners, browsing the video library, creating and sending a lesson, and viewing your learner's progress and answers.

Configuring your account:

Before you starting sending out video lessons, you must first add your organizations' logo and add the learners you will be emailing. The following help center articles will guide you through these steps:

For help with uploading your logo, click HERE.

For help with adding a new learner, click HERE.

For help with uploading a roster of learners, click HERE.

Once your account is configured and your learners have been added, click the 3-Minute Video Lesson link on the home page of your dashboard to start browsing and creating lessons.

Browsing videos and lessons

Before you can start creating a lesson, first you must browse the video library to find a video that engages with the topic you wish to address in your lesson.

  1. Click the Videos icon in the top menu. You can select a more detailed category from the menu as well.
  2. Browse the videos, or use the search bar to search for a specific topic. Once you find a video that interests you click on the video to preview it.
  3. Look through the description of the video scene and watch the video.

Creating a lesson

Once you have found a video you wish to use in an email lesson, click the green Yes, Create Lesson button to get started.

On the lesson page, there are 5 steps to creating and sending a video lesson.

1. Edit and Preview the email template and lesson page using the 3 tabs on the right side of the screen

  • Click the Edit tab to edit the Email template and Lesson template. Any edits you make to the fields there can be viewed in the Email Preview and Lesson Preview tabs. The Email Preview tab shows a preview of the email as it will appear in the learner's inbox. The Lesson Preview tab shows a preview of the page the learner will view when they complete the lesson.
  • Email template: Your name and email address are automatically inserted in the From Email and Sender's Name fields. Update the Sender's Department and Title fields to include your department and title. Each lesson has default text for the Subject, Salutation, and Message, but you can also edit any of these fields to meet your specific needs.
  • Lesson Template: The lesson is where the learner will watch the video and answer the questions. Each lesson has default text for the Lesson Title, Pre- and Post-Video headers, Pre- and Post- Video Message fields, and Email Lesson Question fields, but you can also edit any of these fields to meet your specific needs.
  • Adding a multiple Choice question: To add a Multiple Choice question, click the Add a Multiple Choice Question option at the bottom of the Lesson Template to expand the question form. Enter a question, and up to four answers. Mark the checkbox next to an answer to designate it as a correct answer.

2. Review any changes by clicking the Preview Email/Preview lesson tabs

Once you are satisfied with the email template, click on the Preview Email and Preview Lesson tabs to review your changes. If you need to make any final edits to the templates, click back over to the Edit tab.

3. Select the learners who you wish to receive the email lesson

Next, you need to select the list of recipients for this email lesson.

  • Check the box next to the learner's email address to select them for this email lesson. You can use the search box at the top of the Add Emails interface to look for specific email addresses in your list.
  • If there is a learner who is not available on your list, click the "Add users through your LMS dashboard" link to open your LMS dashboard in a new tab. More detail on adding new learners can be found HERE.
  • When you have selected all the recipients for the email lesson, click the OK button.

4. Select a Due Date

  • Select the date the learners need to complete the lesson by.
  • You will receive a report showing your learner's status and answers the day following your selected due date.



5. Send the Lesson

  • To send the lesson to the selected email addresses, click the Send Lessons button.
  • Once your lessons have been sent, you will see a Congratulations screen. From here, you can browse more videos, view your lesson history, or return to the 3 Minute Video Lesson home page.


Viewing Reports

Once you have started sending lessons to your learners, you will want to follow their progress. You can view the status of the email lessons you have sent in the past from the Reports section of 3 Minute Video Lesson.

  1. Click the Reports icon in the top menu.
  2. In Reports, the Lesson History shows an overview of all the lessons you have previously sent. To view a detailed report of a particular report, click the Page icon to the right of the Due Date column. To permanently delete the history of a particular lesson, click the "X" icon. Deleting a lesson cannot be undone, and deleted lessons cannot be restored. 
  3. Within the report, you are shown some basic information about the lesson at the top of the report, and more detailed information about each learner's lesson status. For each learner assigned the lesson, you are shown whether they have opened the lesson email, watched the video, lesson completion status, the time it took the learner to complete the lesson from the time it was sent, the answer to the lesson question, and multiple choice answers if a multiple choice question was included.

To download a copy of the report, click the Download CSV option.