Best Practices


With years of experience aiding companies to launch compliance and productivity training, we have developed a list of best practices to help you with set-up and launch, as well as with future training and reporting. 

Learner Data

  • Custom data fields that are helpful to include: Department, Job Title, Office Name/Location, EEID, Manager Name
  • Custom date fields that are helpful to include: Hire Date, Promotion Date
  • EEID is preferable as a unique identifying code because emails can change
  • Email: preferable to have individual, unique emails instead of shared email accounts
  • Login: preferable to use email address instead of a name combination
  • Location: list by state code (not as USA) to ensure state level compliance
  • Create a retraining identifier (recommended: ODD/EVEN year tag)
  • Review/edit/upload your complete roster once per month to correctly include new hires, terminations, promotions and other changes




  • Extract course specific policy from employee handbook for placement in corresponding courses
  • Provide PDF format to learners 
  • Review policies annually and/or in conjunction with new laws
  • Be sure to include contact information in the policy
  • State the steps of "how to report"
  • Visit Emtrain Resources for a number of Workplace Policy templates (Note: filter by resource type = policy templates)


  • Make due dates within 90 days (longer would be counter productive)
  • Automate onboarding with learner groups and course tracks
  • Archive older course assignments prior to assigning new ones
  • Archive course assignments rather than remove them to maintain a record of offering compliance training 


  • Run monthly

Additional Assignments

  • Best to launch PWH alone to focus employees on completing required training, once completion rate reaches 75-80% begin to launch additional courses every other month