How to Update a Course Assignment



In the instance that a learner is assigned a course that is considered out-of-date, there is a possibility you can update their course assignment. 

As long as the learner has not yet accessed the course, and the seat used to assign the course is not due to expire, you can un-assign a course from a learner and re-assign them an up-to-date course.

  • To unassign the course, access their profile and open the learner's eLearning Assignments page. The current assignments will be listed at the top. Click on Remove to remove the course.
  • If the license has not expired while it was assigned, the license will return to your pool of available licenses. You can then use it to make another assignment.

Please note, our Best Practices suggest that for Harassment courses, assignments be archived rather than removed so that the Company maintains a record of offering compliance training to employees, even if the employee chose not to start or complete it.