Re-training Identifier


To set yourself up for successful training year after year, it is vital to create a Re-training Identifier. You must tag your employees in such a way as to identify the years they should be assigned the course after the initial launch. 

Some Re-training Identifiers include:

  • A tag indicating the year and the type of the last completed course (i.e. 2015M, 2017E)
  • A tag with the year they would next receive training (i.e. 2020)
  • A tag separating odd from even years (i.e. Odd, Even)
  • A tag for Annual training
To determine how to set this up, it is important to decide how you plan to launch training (Annually, Biennially, etc) to various groups in your organization. 
  • CA/CT managers
  • NY managers & non-managers
  • Non CA/CT managers
  • Non-managers
  • HR & Legal
  • Canada / International
Emtrain has been using a Re-training Identifier which has included tag indicating the year and the type of the last completed course. However, we have begun implementing an Odd/Even tag for a few advantageous reasons:
  • Training Administrators will better be able to manage this field going forward 
  • Learner groups will no longer include numbers for the years, making them incorrect once the new year comes

You will begin to see the Retrain ID field rolled out as we perform an Annual Review of your Training Dashboard.

Some notes to help you manage this field:
  • When new learners are added, they should be given the indication of the year they were added. (Those added to the system in December may be given the following years designation since the course will likely be completed in the following year.) This same practice should also apply to promoted employees—reset their Retrain ID to the calendar year they were promoted to ensure they receive the correct training.
  • Learners should both be assigned and complete the course in the same calendar year, keeping them in the same Retrain ID Group. 
  • Audit and update field, if necessary, on regular basis (monthly/quarterly/annually)
  • Learner Group can be created for each re-training option. Course Track could include manager and non-manager training but CANNOT include different versions (1-hour, 2-hour, untimed) of manager training.
  • Update "opposite year" Course Track to inactive during the year so that it doesn't continue assigning courses. 


Q: How should I set up the Retrain ID if I train one of the groups every 3 years?
A: Using odd/even doesn't work well if you train every 3 years. In that case, you will need to track the actual year they completed a course so that you are able to base re-training on that.
Q: What happens when employees don't complete the course assignment within same calendar year? 
A: If an employee is marked as "odd" and was assigned the course in an odd year, yet does not complete it in that same year, but completes it in the "even" year, you have two ways to handle that. 1) Update their Retrain ID to match the completion year, so they would change from Odd to Even. Or 2) Keep them in the same group and assign training again in the Odd year. 
Q: What if I change the status of someone from inactive to active? What if I change someone from non-supervisor to supervisor?
A: Treat this as a new addition to the system and set the Retrain ID to the year they were added/promoted.
Q: If the Retrain ID field was blank for a learner, how would they be assigned training?
A: Set the Learner Group queries to "does not contain Even" for the ODD group and it will capture both Odd as well as Blank. Likewise for the EVEN group.