How to View Learners' Time Spent in Courses


As an admin, you may have employees report they completed the course while the system still has them marked as incomplete. This is most common in our timed courses because completion is conditional on not only viewing all of the content, but also on the timer. 

Admins have access to view how much time was spent in a course using the Reports by Course tool. After using Reports by Course to create a report about certain courses or all courses, select the Min field on the Visible Columns options. 

Screen_Shot_2018-03-27_at_1.17.50_PM.png           Screen_Shot_2018-03-27_at_1.17.40_PM.png

Adding the Min column adds the time a learner spent in a course in minutes to the report. You can then review and evaluate if a learner has not spent adequate time in the course.