Course Release Notes: Coaching & Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, Safety, and Violence Courses


We're excited to announce some New and Improved courses! 

  • Coaching and Mentoring 3.1
  • Conflict Resolution 3.1
  • Workplace Safety for Employees 3.1
  • Workplace Safety for Supervisors 3.1
  • Workplace Violence for Employees 3.1
  • Workplace Violence for Supervisors 3.1

These courses were released on 4/3/2018 and contain lessons to support a healthy workplace culture, reduce distraction, and minimize legal risks as well as provide practical guidance that supports lessons in our Preventing Workplace Harassment and Diversity courses. These courses are designed to replace existing course titles on the same topics.

What's New?

  • Conflict Resolution gives learners a methodology they can use to understand and resolve workplace conflicts on their own. (30 minutes)
  • Coaching and Mentoring introduces learners to the GROW method to coach, mentor, and support team members. While the course is appropriate for both supervisors and employees, it is particularly helpful for supervisors looking to develop and hone critical coaching skills. (35 minutes)
  • Workplace Safety addresses common workplace safety issues, including violence in the workplace. (manager & employee versions available, 40 minutes each)
  • Workplace Violence is a focused and impactful treatment of an issue that has sadly been in the headlines recently. (manager & employee versions available, 35 minutes each)

For clients using previous editions:

  • The existing editions of the courses will be available for assignment for the next 60 days. At this point they will be retired from the course library.
  • If you are using any of the previous editions of these courses in a Course track for automatic assignment, the previous edition of the courses will continue to be assigned unless you replace the previous editions of the courses with the newer editions in your Course track. Please contact Emtrain support for assistance with updating your Course tracks.
  • Retired courses will continue to populate on reports by course
  • Learners who were assigned the previous edition will continue to have access to it until they complete the training. If you prefer employees receive the newer edition, please use the Reassign Tool to archive the prior edition and assign the newer edition.  
  • Please note that SCORM Files will not be automatically updated. An upgraded SCORM File is available for an additional fee. Please contact your Account Manager for further details.
  • If you've have customized the previous edition, that edition will remain available on your account. If you wish to switch to the new editions, please contact Emtrain support.