Learner Groups with Odd/Even Re-training Identifier


If the Learner Groups on your Admin Dashboard are out-of-date, learners may not be receiving the appropriate training. 

In the past we were using a Re-training Identifier that was Emtrain-generated and was not easily obtained nor updated by admins. We are in the process of changing over to a simpler Re-training Identifier so that Learner Groups do not become outdated year after year and it can be something that Administrators can easily manage. 

Given that groups based on filters like these must be updated every New Year, we have created the simpler Retrain ID field to use for this purpose. 

So, how can you get started with this new Retrain ID to make simpler Learner Groups?

Guide Contents:


Update the Re-training Identifier

The Retrain ID is typically based on retraining employees every two years. If your Company choose an alternate frequency (i.e. annually or triennially) you may need to update the data in the field accordingly. If you have had new hires and left that field blank, you will want to fill that in. The groups we create will take a blank field into account but they would not be set up correctly for subsequent training. 



How do you know if the Learner Groups are out of date?

Learner Groups may already be set-up to retrain employees who have taken the training in the past. Review your Learner Groups to see how it is filtering the learners. Select the Edit button the corresponds with the Learner Group you wish to review. 


Your Learner Group queries may be using the zPWH or zLast PWH (or any other variation of Last Harassment Training) to filter out the current and prior year. As an example, in 2018 these groups should filter out those that completed harassment in 2018 and 2017 since those that did so would be in compliance, but anyone who completed the course in 2016 or prior would be out of compliance. 

If the years being filtered out are not the current year and the past year, then the group is considered out of date. In the case of the below example, the 3. CA Mgr Due Learner Group is set up for training in 2016 because it is filtering out 2016 and 2015, the prior year. 



Updating Current Learner Groups with the Odd/Even Re-training Identifier

If your Learner Group is in fact out of date, it is important to update it to ensure that employees are receiving adequate training. 

Our recommendation is to deactivate the Course Tracks while making these adjustments and later activate them once everything is finalized. This will prevent unwanted assignments if you do not complete the updates to the Learner Groups before the Course Tracks run. Note: Course tracks run everyday when they are activated.

Click the Edit Queries button to access the current queries. On the subquery you wish to edit click the Edit Subquery {#} button, in this case the Edit Subquery 3


You may then update the Learner Field to be based on the Retrain ID and use the DOES NOT CONTAIN for Even or Odd, depending on the year you are working on. 


Be sure to update and click Save Name to save the title of the Learner Group so that you are clear which year it "belongs" to. 




Create New Learner Groups with the Odd/Even Re-training Identifier

Click + Create a New Learner Group, give it a unique name, and click Save Name. As an example, we use PWH Managers Due EVEN Years which will give me all the managers due to be trained in Harassment Prevention in the Even Years (2018, 2020, 2022, etc).


Click the Add Queries button to add the subqueries which will help you refine this group. 


Click the Add Subquery button to add the filters which will help you refine this group. 


For this Learner Group, we will filter to get the Supervisors by creating the subquery rule Supervisor Status IS Supervisor. Click Save Rule


Click Add Subquery to create another filter for this Learner Group. For this one, we want all those that are to be trained in the even years. We will filter by creating the subquery rule Supervisor Retrain ID DOES NOT CONTAIN Odd. The Does Not Contain Odd will help to include all the Even as well as any blanks, should there be any. Click Save Rule


You can see the summary of filters for the Learner Group below. Click Done to finalize the Learner Group


This same process can be followed to create a Learner Group for Non-Managers.



Examples of Other Learner Groups to Set Up

If needed, you may also create Learner Groups for any one of the following:

  • California & Connecticut Supervisors (who should receive the Mandatory 2-hour training) by setting Location to IS CA & CT
  • International Employees (who could be assigned the International version of PWH) by setting Location to IS NOT USA (which selects all individual states as well) nor Canada 
  • Canadian Employees (who could be assigned the Canada version of PWH) by setting Location to IS Canada
  • Due ODD Years by setting Retrain ID to DOES NOT CONTAIN Even (this could be created now but definitely should be ready to use before 1.1.2019)


What if the Retrain ID field is not on our dashboard?

We are in the process of overhauling dashboards to include this field with functional data. We may not have updated your dashboard yet. You could create the Retrain ID field in the Custom Data Fields and fill the data in yourself. Also, you could reach out to support to find out when this field will be included on your dashboard.


Now that we have updated Learner Groups, how do we use them?

The ability to filter by Learner Group is built into several of our tools, including Assign Training, Email Learner Groups, and Reports by Course. The Learner Groups can be connected to Course Tracks to help you in pushing out current training to employees.