How to Use the Previous Assignments Filter to Reassign Training


If you need to reassign learners who have a previous assignment of a course, or have an equivalent course, you can use the Previous Assignments Filter to limit your assignment preview to only learners who have a previous assignment or equivalent assignment to the course you are currently assigning. You can also filter by Previous Assignment and Completion dates and date ranges, Previous Assignment Status and Current/Archived status.

  • To use the Previous Assignment Tool, first access the Assign Training Tool.
  • Choose whether the Assignment Type should be Assign (Required) or Optional. 
  • Find and select training objects by filtering by name and double clicking to select. 


  • Click the Optional Previous Assignments Filter tab, and check the "Only assign to learners where the selected training objects were previously assigned" box
  • Configure the filters as needed. You have several options to filter by: course completion date, course assignment date, complete vs incomplete, current vs archived. 
  • Click the blue Apply Filters button to refine your Assignment review.


  • This will display an Assignment Preview. When you are satisfied with the list of assignees, you may click Assign {#} Training Objects and confirm this again on the next screen.  


  • Using this tool will force previously assigned courses to be automatically archived and the newer assignments to be the current ones.