Course Revision: Code of Conduct 4.2


A revision to the Code of Conduct 4th edition course was released on 4/3/2018.

This release adds new video scenarios which remind learners the Code can help with decisions even when it doesn’t expressly address their particular issue and additional interactions to rate situations using the Business Color Spectrum™.  

Code of Conduct 4.2 Edition includes the following changes and revisions:

  • One additional video scenario included in "The Role of our Code" chapter
  • Two additional video scenarios and corresponding interactions included in "Ethical Decision-Making" chapter

Please Note:

  • This release will replace Edition 4.1 of the course. Administrators do not need to re-assign any previously assigned courses or update any existing Course Tracks.
  • SCORM Files will not be automatically updated. An updated SCORM File is available for an additional fee. Please contact your Account Executive for further details.