How to Prepare for New York Compliance Training


As a valued partner with Emtrain, we want to help you meet the newly released training requirements for New York State. Pursuant to the anti-sexual harassment measures in the 2018-2019 budget bill for NY State, you will need to launch training to ALL New York employees on or after October 9, 2018 and ensure they complete said training by December 31, 2018.

This Guide was created to explain the action items you will need to take and offer some Best Practices to accomplish this. Please consider this Guide a general overview and know that your company may have some unique circumstances which require additional set-up or tracking.

Please note: It is recommended you turn OFF any active course tracks while setting this up. Once the NY based employees have received their assignments, the remaining course tracks can be re-activated. 

Update Employee Population

1. Update Custom Data & Date Fields to Include:

  • City or office location (to have clear visibility of NYC employees)
  • Employment Status (full-time, part-time, intern, company-paid temp, agency-paid temp, independent contractor, vendor employee, transient, volunteer, and so forth)
  • Date of Hire (to track training completion within 30 calendar days) 
  • Promotion Date (to track supervisor level training completion within 30 calendar days) 
  • Retrain ID

2. Assess Updated Roster Template

  • Download & edit the roster template provided in the Upload/Edit tool
  • Use the Upload/Edit tool to identify the column order with which to pull your HRIS spreadsheet

3. Update Company Roster:

  • Add New York employees, regardless of Employment Status and fill in the additional data points (City or Office Location, Date of Hire, Retrain ID, etc)
  • Update location to be state-specific, if it is not already (from USA to NY)
  • Update Retrain ID to Annual for all NY employees

4. Upload Company Roster to Admin Dashboard

Prepare Training Initiative

Prepare Policy:

Set-up Training Groups & Curriculum:

  • Create Learner Groups for NY Supervisors and NY Non-Supervisors
  • Update existing Learner Groups to EXCLUDE NY employees
  • Create a NY Course Track (if assigning more than one course) for launching 2018 training to New York employees

Course recommendations:

  • Managers/Supervisors = Preventing Harassment for Managers (1-hour) 8th Edition
  • Non-Managers = Preventing Harassment for Non-Managers (35-minute) 8th Edition 
  • Please note that changes may be made to these recommendations once the NY State feedback period is finished. 

Launch Training

Prepare to Launch: 


Launch Follow-up:

Develop Training Calendar 

New Hire Training:

  • Ensure new hires receive training assignments as part of onboarding
  • Use Email Learner Groups to target incomplete assignments for New Hires


  • Best practices to be established for 2019 training