Whole Culture Additional Features


Are you taking full advantage of training tools that are already included in your package? We want to be sure you are aware of these tools so you can plan to integrate them into your training initiative. If you have questions about any of these, please contact us at support@emtrain.com.

 Policy Acknowledgment Tool

The Assign Policy tool allows you to insert your policy (.PDF or URL) in a short, easy-to-digest 4-page course, allowing you to assign your workplace policies to your learners. Employees digitally acknowledge the policy affording you a way to track and report on completion status

Assign policies to employees today! Visit the Assign Policies Tool Guide for more information on how to configure and assign these courses.

 Custom Training

You may launch, track, and report on any SCORM eLearning course—either one you make internally or one you purchase from a third-party vendor. Use the SCORM Course Guide to learn how to upload and launch custom training to employees from the LMS. 

Additionally, files and/or links may be assigned to learners. Use this to assign specific websites for review, slide-deck presentations for viewing and short videos to watch as part of your training solution. Learn how to upload files and upload links, which can then be assigned via the Assign Training tool or added to a Course Track.