Course Revision: Preventing Workplace Harassment 8.5


Emtrain is excited to announce an important revision of the Preventing Workplace Harassment courses, along with the creation and release of some additional versions! In an effort to ensure our clients and learners are presented with the most accurate information, we do periodic expert reviews. Due to the continued definitions, requirements, and suggestions coming from New York State and New York City, we felt it was important to update our Harassment courses with additional information as well as create a New York specific version of the course.

Preventing Workplace Harassment 8.5 Edition also includes the following changes and revisions:

  • Clarified the use of “manager” and “supervisor” interchangeably
  • Added the definition of "sexual harassment" and information on "Sex Stereotyping"
  • Added "Domestic Violence Victim Status" as a common protected characteristic in some states
  • Clarified potential sources of protected characteristics
  • Updated answer feedback for clarification purposes
  • Added examples of, and updated the definition of, Quid Pro Quo for clarification purposes 
  • Clarified that Parties can include bystanders, paid or unpaid interns, and non-employees 
  • Added examples regarding where harassment can occur
  • Clarified that upstanders are protected from retaliation
  • Clarified supervisor’s role in encouraging employees to be upstanders
  • Updated the description of protected activity
  • Added clarification regarding expectations of employees after making a retaliation report
  • Added information regarding when managers must report situations 
  • Minor updates to the Policy chapter verbiage 

Preventing Workplace Harassment for New York 8.5 Course Features:

  • Includes all content from the standard US versions
  • Information on pursuing outside remedies
  • Contact information for outside resources

Preventing Workplace Harassment New York Supplement Course Features:

  • Includes all updated content in the standard US versions (i.e. content edited/added from 8.4 to 8.5)
  • Information on pursuing outside remedies
  • Contact information for outside resources 

Please Note:

  • The 8.5 Edition will automatically replace the 8.4 Edition for any and all other versions of the course.
  • For all New York learners, we suggest they be moved to the Preventing Workplace Harassment for New York course. You can accomplish this by updating the course delivered with Course Tracks or using the Assign Training Tool.  
  • SCORM Files will be available upon request. Please contact your Account Manager for further details.