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Course Tracks (Sequence & Prerequisites & Frequency)

Course Tracks should allow LMS Admin to establish course Sequence & Prerequisites & Frequency.

NOTE: Super-admin has the ability to establish prerequisites, but the GUI has not been exposed to client LMS Admin.

NOTE: Course Sequence should link to** Custom Date Fields**.

NOTE: Course Frequency **(Training Cycle Management) **needs to be on the same GUI, not separated as is the case now.

Over-lapping Courses: If a recurring training frequency course is listed in two course tracks, and learner is swithched from one course track to the other, does the Course Track require the recurring training to start again (per-maturely) even though it may be current in the course track (probably only if the OLD course track auto-Archives at the Inactive position rather than Un-assigning un-started courses that are no longer required) ? Need an override if it does.

Tracey Savorn

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