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ADD: Reports by Score (Quiz Answers & Page Views)

LMS needs SCORM 2004 Reporting Improvements because Clients' Instructional Designers need visibility to Data (Quiz Answers & Page View).

Why? Seeing patterns (e.g. where learners drop out of the course, or keeping getting the answer wrong)  are indicators that training needs to be tweaked.


Reports by Score  should give IDs visibility to this critical data in the form of a Summary Report which they can click to View Details if they need to drill down.


Summary Report = Course/Quiz Name;    Question No.;    Quiz Question;    % Incorrect;    Show Details: Incorrect Answers

*View Details: Incorrect Answers  = *

  • Course/Quiz Name :
  • Question Type        :
  • Question                :
  • Answer Choices     :

Last, First;         Incorrect Answer Selected;           Time Stamp

Tracey Savorn

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