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Need Mail Log Created


Maillog needed for auto email system.


Can you describe what exactly you are looking for here?

We have mail logs (created by Soren a couple years ago) which allows us to confirm the sending & receipt of emails. But one log ( only takes into consideration the email single learner & email learner groups and the other ( auto reminders. We need the same type of log for the automatic email system. Admins frequently have questions about emails not being received and we must confirm whether or not they left our system and whether or not they were received by their system. Additionally, there are bounce back messages for emails that did not reach their system; we can pass this info along to admins for troubleshooting things on their end.

The regular email log is accessed several times a week by CS but at the present does not reflect the emails in the auto system so we are at a loss for assisting admins.

Sophia Rodriguez

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